Christmas Celebrations - All About Designer Stuff And Little Else

Published: 07th December 2009
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Christmas celebrations have all of sudden become associated with everything that is extravagant. Spanning from Chanel bags to Versace dresses to Harrods' designer Christmas trees, splurging on designer stuff seems to be the order of the day.

The idea of simple family celebrations exists no more. Christmas has become synonymous with designer stuff spanning from clothes to even Christmas tree décor.

Christmas celebrations have become more of designer oriented theme parties where ladies and gentlemen flaunt their latest designer possessions.

Branded Haute Clothes

Forget about identical Siamese twins dressing the same or even colorful sweaters. Now, people prefer to flaunt their labels and the moolah they have paid. In the conversations during the Christmas meal too, the whole aim of the conversations is to belittle other relatives. Christmas has degenerated to more of a designer labels celebration where people flaunt their hot pants and cocktail dresses due to the labels.

Sushi, Swarovski Et al

Forget about the traditional meal of roasted meat and muffins. Now even the Christmas meal has an exotic element attached to it. Sushi and designer restaurants sporting tofu and wasabi top the list. Expensive wine and cocktails have become the favorites of the day, replacing the traditional and the simple ales and ginger lime. On the dining table, instead of the frill decoration, Swarovski enchant the décor. The whole idea remains to show off.

All That Jazz

Christmas carols can be heard only on the roads and shopping malls. Gone are the days when people called little carol singers at home and showered them with little but precious Christmas gifts. Now this trend is overshadowed by professional bands that are called upon to sing for a wider segment of guests. Since Christmas meals have become more associated with socializing, traditions are taking a backseat.

Expensive Custom Made Gifts

A simple soft toy or shawl was earlier considered an apt gift. No longer, though. People today get their kick only from custom made single piece gifts from high end designers and flagships stores. Not only it is an expensive affair but it also effectively kills the simplicity of Christmas. Often business houses prefer to get custom made pen stands, diamond engraved pens, jewel pieces et al.

Go Simple And Spread Happiness

There is no point flaunting the designer possessions during Christmas. It is a festival considered to bring together the family and pals even though they are settled in different parts of the world. The cooking and eating together is a ritual that increases the family bonding.

Instead of the expensive flaunting business, keep the celebrations focused on personal touch. You can gift a bouquet of fresh flowers especially lilac orchids and attach a personal note.

In case you wish to add some glam effect to your gifts, do not forget to send a bunch of fresh alliums and roses to your loved ones.

Let Christmas be the celebration of the almighty rather than a fair for pride and prejudice.

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